Toronto Public Health Stops Contact Tracing After Positive Covid-19 Tests

For the time being Toronto Public Health has now stopped contact tracing after a positive Covid-19 test as the system is overwhelmed.

Toronto Public Health is now focusing all of its contact management to outbreaks in schools, hospitals and long term care facilities. So what the hell is going on in Toronto and what does that mean for the rest of the province?

Moving forward for the foreseeable future Toronto Public Health will give a positive covid-19 patient instructions on how to do contact tracing to high risk contacts on their own.

Toronto now has a total of 20,662 cases as of Monday morning and that is up 235 cases since the previous report. Out of those 20,662 cases in Toronto a total of 17,028 have been deemed recovered.

Currently Toronto has a total of 78 patients in hospital, which is up 6 from the previous day.

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As of Friday Dr. De Villa has been vocal about her concern for indoor dining and leaving the house for anything non-essential.

You can watch the entire October 2, 2020 briefing made by Mayor John Tory and Dr. De Villa right here.

Is it just a matter of time now before Doug Ford puts the province back into lockdown or will he use the regional approach as he has previously announced?

As of October 3, 2020 Ontario is now sitting with 54,199 cases in total. This total is an increase of 566 from the previous day. Ontario also has a total of 45,819 resolved cases.