The Leblanc Group Wants To Give You 5 Tips To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar & Here’s How 

One of Greater Sudbury’s most prominent real estate couples has some tips for you! They outline in 5 easy steps how to sell your house for top dollar when listing. 

Some people think it may be easy to sell your house for top dollar in this market. That might be true, however if you don’t do some simple things you will be leaving money on the table. 

This is where the Leblanc Group comes in. Kat & Darren Leblanc are the Real Estate Broker and Sales Representative for The Leblanc Group, and they want to help you achieve your real estate goals.

How To Get Top Dollar For Your Home When Listing

Get ready to put in some elbow grease

Make that home sparkle. You want it to look bright, shiny and new!

If you are handy then put the tool belt on 

You got work to do and if you’re not (handy) hire someone. Trust us, it’s worth it. Fix and finish up any existing home projects. 


Put away all personal belongings, less is more… you’re moving anyways. 

Stage each and every room 

Stay consistent with a look, fresh and clean. 

Hire a qualified realtor 

Someone who will walk you through the entire process so you know what to expect and won’t feel left in the dark. 

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