Surviving a Sudbury Winter: 7 Country Songs About Sudbury Ontario Winters That Don’t Exist But Should

I’ve got to tell you, winters in Sudbury, Ontario are no joke. They’re long, cold, and miserable, but you know what? There’s something about them that just makes you feel alive.

Now, I’ve been listening to some winter songs, and I noticed that there ain’t enough tunes that celebrate the joys and challenges of surviving a Sudbury winter. So, in the spirit of creativity and humor, I want to share with you seven country songs about Sudbury winters that don’t exist, but they should.

“Six Feet of Snow and Counting” by George Strait

This song tells the story of a winter that just won’t quit, and the singer is stuck indoors, wishin’ for summer. “I’ve got cabin fever, but I ain’t got a cabin / I’m just stuck here with these icicles on my chin,” this song is sure to make you laugh and nod along in recognition.

“Cold Enough to Freeze Your Toes Off” by Carrie Underwood

She sings about the challenges of stayin’ warm in a Sudbury winter and how she embraces the cold with pure determination. And when she finally makes it outside, she’s dancin’ in her boots! “I’m dancing in my boots / And I don’t care who sees / Cause I’m finally feeling warm / And that’s all that matters to me.”

“The Sudbury Shuffle” by Brad Paisley

This song is all about navigatin’ the snowy roads of Sudbury and the unique challenges of drivin’ in a northern climate. The chorus goes, “Do the Sudbury Shuffle / Slide your way through the snow / It’s the only way to get around / When you live in Sudbury, Ontario.”

“Winter Blues” by Dolly Parton

She sings about the long, dark days of a Sudbury winter, but finds solace in the fact that she’s not alone, and the people of Sudbury are all in it together. “It’s cold outside, but it’s warm in our hearts / We’ll make it through this winter, right from the start,” this song is sure to strike a chord with anyone who’s ever felt the winter blues.

“Hot Cocoa and a Good Book” by Kenny Chesney

This song is all about the simple pleasures of a Sudbury winter, like curlin’ up with a warm drink and a good book by the fire. Ain’t no need for bright lights, man. “I don’t need no bright lights / Just a cozy fire and some holiday cheer / A cup of cocoa and a good book / That’s all I need

“Sudbury Winter Survival” by Miranda Lambert

She celebrates the resilience of the people of Sudbury and the skills it takes to survive a winter, from layerin’ up in warm clothes to shovelin’ snow and drivin’ on icy roads. “We’re tough as nails / And we never fail / To get through this Sudbury winter / We’ll make it through / No matter what we do / We’re Sudbury winter survivors,” this song is sure to make you feel proud to be a part of the hardy community of Sudbury.

“Winter Memories” by Tim McGraw

He sings about growin’ up in Sudbury and the special moments of a northern winter, like ice skatin’ and buildin’ snow forts. And he reminds us that despite the hardships, there’s a certain magic to a Sudbury winter that we can never forget. “These winter memories / Will stay with me / Forever in my heart / As I look back on my life / I’ll always remember / The magic of a Sudbury winter,” this song is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever called Sudbury home.

So there ya have it, folks, seven country songs about Sudbury Ontario winters that don’t exist, but they should. I hope they put a smile on your face and get ya singin’ along. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll become real songs we can all enjoy while we brave the cold in Sudbury.