One of Ben Affleck and Vin Diesel’s Greatest Movies Of All Time

This movie may be one of the greatest Ben Affleck and Vin Diesel movies of all time and no one ever talks about it. The movie is a hit with a cult like audience.

Can you guess which movie it is? If you don’t use google you may have a hard time. The movie is Boiler Room and it is one of the best financial movies ever. 

The movie Boiler Room was released on January 30th, 2000. The movie isn’t on the tip of your tongue when you think of great movies but the star studded cast should make you stop and think twice.

The Boiler Room cast includes Giovanni RibisiVin DieselNia LongBen AffleckNicky KattScott CaanTom Everett ScottRon Rifkin, and Jamie Kennedy. Boiler Room is a movie about Wall Street and the stock market. 

During the movie they bring you down the path of a college drop out who has an in home casino. While dealing blackjack to his buds he decides to become a stock broker.

An old friend who visits his casino recruits him to his firm which sells stocks over the phone. While on his path to becoming a legend the young stock selling hotshot gets picked up by the feds. 

Do you want to see a movie about hustlers? This is the greatest one. Boiler Room might even be better than Wolf of Wall Street in my opinion.

This movie happens to be one of the greatest cult films of all time and if you want to buy it right now you are in luck! You can purchase the movie on Blue Ray or DVD abt clicking the link below.