Cadbury Mini Eggs Return to Tim Hortons

Hey, how about that Easter spirit, huh? Tim Hortons is back with a seasonal favourite – Cadbury Mini Eggs® Dream Donuts! And check this out, they’ve also got a brand-new treat for you this year – Cadbury Mini Eggs® Cookies.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if you’re a fan of Cadbury Mini Eggs®, you’re gonna love these things. The Cadbury Mini Eggs® Dream Donut is this festive donut that’s dipped in white fondant, decorated with colourful sprinkles, and topped with a nest of those famous crunchy chocolatey bites. And the Cadbury Mini Eggs® Cookie is like a classic Tim Hortons chocolate chunk cookie, but with added Cadbury Mini Eggs®.

I gotta say, these guys at Tim Hortons are onto something here. Tallis Voakes, the Director of Culinary Innovation at Tim Hortons says, “Our Cadbury Mini Eggs® Dream Donuts have always been a big hit with our guests, and we’re really excited to have another special Easter treat this year with our new Cadbury Mini Eggs® Cookies. We all look forward to enjoying Cadbury Mini Eggs® every spring, and so I can’t wait to have our guests try the new Cadbury Mini Eggs® Cookies that are packed with those famous crunchy, chocolatey bites!”

So, listen up, people! You can find both the Cadbury Mini Eggs® Dream Donut and the Cadbury Mini Eggs® Cookie at participating Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada. And yeah, I know, prices may vary by region, but who cares about that when you’ve got delicious treats waiting for you, am I right?

In conclusion, Easter just got a whole lot sweeter, thanks to Tim Hortons and their Cadbury Mini Eggs® Dream Donuts and Cadbury Mini Eggs® Cookies. So, get your taste buds ready, hop into the Easter spirit, and try these treats today!