Bring the Natural Beauty of Northern Ontario into Your Home with These Christmas Decor Ideas

Are you looking to add a touch of Northern Ontario to your Christmas decorations this year? Here are some tips to help you make your Christmas decor scream “Northern Ontario”:

Use natural materials: Northern Ontario is known for its rugged, natural beauty. Incorporate this into your decorations by using natural materials such as pine cones, twigs, and berries.

Add a touch of plaid: Plaid is a classic pattern that is seen in Northern Ontario. Incorporate it into your decorations by using plaid ribbons, ornaments, or even wrapping paper.

Include references to local wildlife: The forests of Northern Ontario are home to a variety of wildlife, including moose, wolves, and beavers. Consider adding decorative elements that reference these animals, such as moose ornaments or beaver-themed Christmas stockings.

Use a color palette inspired by the landscape: The landscape of Northern Ontario is characterized by its rich greens, browns, and grays. Use these colors in your decorations to create a cohesive look that is inspired by the natural beauty of the region.

Incorporate traditional elements: Northern Ontario has a rich cultural heritage, and many of its residents have deep ties to their Indigenous and francophone roots. Consider incorporating traditional elements such as dream catchers or red-and-white Santa Claus figurines (known as “Père Noël” in French) into your decorations.

By using these tips, you can add a touch of Northern Ontario to your Christmas decorations and create a festive atmosphere that is truly unique. Happy decorating!