Air Canada Ramping Up Flights For Summer Travellers

Air Canada has released a number of international destinations that they will be flying too. The Canadian airline is ramping up its flights for summer travellers and the list is fairly long.

Air Canada is getting ready to fly this summer with flights from most major Canadian hubs. These hubs include Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. 

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Some of the destinations you can fly to if you are departing from Toronto are Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Tokyo and Tel Aviv. If you are leaving from Montreal you can fly to Frankfurt, London, Paris and Brussels. However if you plan to fly from Vancouver you will be able to reach London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul.

Air Canada has downsized its destinations however. During last summer Air Canada travelled to 220 destinations whereas this year because of Coronavirus they are looking to hit 97 destinations.

With Canada looking to open travel back up very soon you will also have other destinations such as Athens, Rome, Lisbon and Amsterdam. One area that may cause some concern for the airline is Shanghai which will need government approval.

Lucie Guillemette, executive VP and chief commercial officer with Air Canada said in a release “We are accordingly gradually opening for sale flights for the summer and beyond as we rebuild our network”.

However, if you are looking to travel domestically this year you may be in luck. Air Canada has a selection of 58 routes for you to choose from. They have also indicated that this may increase coming in August and September. 

The Canadian Government is also betting big on domestic tourism. They have pledged $30 million which was originally earmarked for attracting foreign visitors. 

With all this craziness do you plan to travel this summer? If so are you planning to travel by plane or automobile? Let us know in the comments below!