7 Things To Do In The Summertime With Kids In Sudbury

If you are looking for something to in the summertime with kids in Sudbury then you won’t be alone. That holds true this year more than ever in the Nickel City, as we see many things closed or taped off. 

The summertime in Sudbury is almost always hot and sticky. Sudburians know that and are probably use to it by now. However if you are looking for a quick fix on what to do the possibilities are still out there.

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Summertime in the year 2020 is certainly going to be different, but you won’t have to look far to enjoy the time with you and your little monsters. Greater Sudbury has plenty to offer and these are just some of the things we can see ourselves enjoying even though we are still in the middle of a pandemic. 

7 Things To Do In The Summertime With Kids In Sudbury

Kivi Park – Kivi Park is still open and if you are looking to get your child off of technology for a little while this place is the perfect solution. 

Bell Park – Bell Park on Lake Ramsey has been one of the busiest places in the city this summer. With so many amenities still shut down you will certainly see crowds. Just remember to practice your social distancing.

Splash Pads – Who would have though that when the city strangely enough went through a faze that seen almost every area of the city get a splash pad that it would be a saviour. Splash Pads in all areas of the city means it doesn’t matter where you live, it’s accessible to almost all residents.

Minnow Lake Skateboard Park – Some kids have the dare devil in them and it’s a lot safer to have them skateboarding in a park then on our city streets. The skateboard park in Minnow Lake at the Carmichael Arena is a perfect place to relax while watching your kid become the next Tony Hawk. One added bonus is there is lots of parking. 

Chillin N’ Tubing – The tubing experience provided by Chillin and Tubing is fun for all ages. This is a good place to go and it’s very easy to Lee and maintain social distancing while chilling on a tube floating down the Vermillion River.

Driving Range – With the kids cooped up in the house for a better part of 2020 you may want to get them some exercise. There is a relatively inexpensive way to waste a few hours by letting them take their frustrations out by whacking a golf ball. The city has a number of golf courses and driving ranges so it shouldn’t be to hard for you to find one. 

Fishing – Sudbury is saturated with lakes and even if you don’t have a boat you will be able to find a spot off shore to take a few casts. If you are lucky you may even find a little honey hole and catch a few fish. Either way, fishing is a great activity to do with your child that can provide hours of enjoyment for you all. 

Greater Sudbury has plenty to offer for children and parents who want to remain active. With the crazy year parents and children have had it will be a breath of fresh air to get out of the house and explore what our city has to offer.