12 Super Fun Things To Do In Sudbury If You Are On A Budget

Who says there is nothing to do in Sudbury? If you are looking for something to do in Sudbury and have no money or a very little budget you are in luck. 

Sudbury is a very large geographical area and sometimes as residents we forget just how much their is to do. Even for people who don’t really have a big budget you can still find things to do in any season. 

Whether it’s winter, summer, spring or fall we still have a ton of things that can keep you occupied. Maybe your kids are bored or you just think you have done everything there is to do. Should you have a few hours to kill and want to experience what Sudbury has to offer then check out the list below. We can guarantee you haven’t done everything in this list multiple times before. 

12 Super Fun Things To Do In Sudbury If You Are On A Budget

Go Karts

Have you ever been go-karting? If you haven’t then this is something to seriously try. You may have thought the only go kart tracks around were outside of the Sudbury District, but you are wrong. 

Sudbury Kartways is located in Notre Dame Avenue and is super fun for all ages. It’s perfect for all occasions and while you are buzzing around the track at a mild warp speed, you can thank us. 

Science North 

Now everyone and their dog has probably been here. However, they do change up the exhibits quite often so take a chance. You can only do the bed of nails so often but you probably haven’t tried all they have to offer. Science is fun! 

Ice Fishing 

Sudbury is full of lakes and in the winter most of those lakes are easily accessible by foot. This means you don’t need a snowmobile to go buzzing onto the lake to have fun. If you enjoy fishing then take some time and experience hooking the large fish that some of our local lakes have to offer.


Sliding is almost as much of a national winter pastime as hockey. Every child has ripped down a hill in the Sudbury area at one point. If you do plan on going sliding then you have a number of options. There are hills in almost every area of the city. Unfortunately one of the most popular hills   was at Queen’s Athletic Field and it’s since been shutdown by the city. Boooooo! 

Skating At Queen’s 

Speaking of Queen’s Athletic Field, you may not be able to go sliding, but you can still go skating. Queen’s has a skating oval that can bring joy to people of all ages. This is a good place to bring a date or teach a kid to skate. 

Skating At Ramsey Lake 

If you don’t want to go to Queen’s for a skate, don’t worry. You can take to Ramsey Lake and enjoy the monster of a skate path that is well maintained and conveniently located. One of the great parts about this place is you can access it from either side and there is generally lots of parking. 


Sudbury doesn’t have the name “City of Lakes” for nothing. You can enjoy swimming at public beaches or even venture to parts of the city that aren’t so well known. There is nothing better than taking a dip in a lake in the scorching heat of a mid Sudbury summer. 

Cliff Jumping 

If diving is your thing, but you don’t have a diving board, then you will be ecstatic to find out that Sudbury does have some cliffs. These cliffs are relatively small and can be accessed through trails on the side of the road. One good thing is that if you are going to Silver Beach in the Sudbury South End and you don’t like Cliff jumping you can hit the beach to take a dip. 


Sudbury has numerous walking trails and most are absolutely free. You can take a nice brisk walk at almost any time of the day and not be bombarded with people. A perfect social distancing activity for the entire family. 

Snow Shoeing 

Winter’s are long in the North but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors. There are plenty of lakes and trails in the city for you to enjoy while strapping on some snow shoes. If you don’t have snowshoes then you can get a pair here on the cheap

Pick Blueberries 

Picking blueberries in Sudbury is a pastime and a moneymaker. There are many summer days that you can hit the bush to pick some juicy blueberries. If you don’t know what bush to hit then try driving around on the highways and when you see a bunch of cars parked at the side of the road, that could give you a good indication that there are some blueberries in those woods. 

Pick Strawberries 

Chelmsford has a strawberry farm and I bet you didn’t know that. Even if you did know it doesn’t matter because picking strawberries is a perfect way to spend a few hours collecting your thoughts.