10 Ways To Save $15 Or More A Month in 2020

Saving money is never easy and that is why it may be better for some people to start saving smaller amounts of money first. 10 ways to save $15 or more a month will be the perfect introduction for some people who just can’t seem to save a dollar.

Saving should be easy and fun. Someone shouldn’t’t be going to work everyday just to fall farther and farther into some sort of financial pit. Even if some people are saving just $15 in a month that could be huge.

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So many people want to save money and maintain the ultimate lifestyle. Some people don’t even care if they save at all. Generally its about the right balance.

Providing balance will ease the financial pressures and allow you to make headway with savings. No matter how small the savings are, it is essential that you save something. Since no one can predict the weather we will never know when the rainy day will come.

Here are 10 ways you can save $15 or more a month in 2020.


Cut back on your coffee consumption – Coffee may not seem that expensive considering its just a couple bucks for a cup. If you drink 1 cup a day though then you are looking at $60 a month or more! All you have to do to save $15 a month is cut out 8 days of coffee drinking, so the weekends.

Lower your data plan on your cell phone – Cell phone data can have you spending like crazy! The easiest thing to do is change your wireless plan and set limits that won’t let you exceed them. Just use your phone more on wifi to ease the pain.

Cancel your cable package and use Netflix or Amazon Prime Video – Cable TV is pretty expensive and in all reality their isn’t much you will miss by cancelling. You can always use YouTube and other services for local stuff and then subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video for your entertainment.

Automatically transfer $0.50 a day into a separate savings account – This can be one of the best and easiest things you do in your life. Go to your bank and open a no fee account and then have an automatic transfer set up of $0.50 per day. Then you will save $15 without even noticing.

Bring a lunch to work instead of eating fast food – Fast food has become more and more expensive. If you really want to save $15 a month and maybe some belly or bum fat than this one will be for you.

Cut out the wasteful spending on things you don’t use like the gym membership – Why do you spend all that money on a gym membership to run on a treadmill when its free to run in the fresh air? Also you could just put a Yoga mat in your bedroom and bracts using the large amount of videos on YouTube.

Use regular gasoline as opposed to premium gasoline – Using premium gasoline may be your only option if you are driving a high end car. Some people like to use it regardless though. This can cost you about $0.25 more a litre of gas. Do the math, 50 litres in a tank times 4 tanks a month. That is way more than the $15 you originally wanted to save.

Price match your groceries and use coupons – Going to the grocery store should be fun. That is why you can use coupons or price match. That may not sound like fun to you but if you make a game out of it you can have a ball. Be Creative!

Stop buying packs cigarettes on the weekend – Are you one of those people who don’t smoke during the week? If so then you don’t have to smoke on the weekend either. By stopping the smoking while drinking on the weekend you will not only save money but probably reduce your hang over.

Buy beer at home instead of going to the bar – This may be a challenge for some of you socialites out their but believe me its worth it. If you want to save a ton of cash but still like to get boozy then drink at home. You will not only save on the mark up of beer and liquor at the bar, but you will save on a taxi ride home too!

With these 10 easy steps you should be able to save at least $15 a month. Even though you may not think $15 is a lot of money, some people do. We hope this list of ways to help you save even a little bit of money helps.