You Won’t Believe This Sudbury Saturday “Morning”

Sudbury Saturday “Morning” By Donna Nilson

It has been a long year for all of us and with restrictions lifting I want to stress the importance of getting outside. I decided to take a day this weekend to take a walk and enjoy my surroundings and I hope to encourage you to do the same. You do not have to go far to find things to do in Sudbury and a lot of activities are accessible even without a vehicle.

The sun is shining as I headed out to enjoy a Sudbury Saturday morning. I started by headingto Ramsey Lake where joggers, walkers and people with their pets are all enjoying a quiet morning walk at the water. It is situated in the centre of town and is easily accessible from most places. Renamed in honour of past Sudbury mayor Jim Gordon, the boardwalk runs 2km along the shore parallel to Paris St. Beginning at Elizabeth St. parking lot and ending at Science North.

If you want to enjoy some bird sightings it is a short walk across Paris St. and stroll along the boardwalk through Lily Creek. Both of these paths are part of the Rainbow Routes Association too.

​As I headed down along the lakeshore, past the Bell Park flower gardens, gazebo and lookout deck, I made an intentional right turn at the Grace Hartman Amphitheatre and headed up to the main road. Directly across, every Thursday from 2-6 and Saturday from 9-2, there is a local Farmers Market. I especially enjoy the Saturday market because so many vendors turn out. You can buy almost anything there from fruit and vegetables to meats, dog treats, baked goods, frozen treats, jewellery, clothing,handicrafts and more. I leisurely mulled through the market and chatted with vendors along the way, which after spending so much time isolated this last year, talking is a great way to alleviate loneliness while also learning about the local products and produce.

​After the market I decided to head back down the boardwalk and continue towards Science North. Built in 1984, this is a landmark in Sudbury, next to the Big Nickel and the Superstack, of course. Promoting science and teaching people everyday about Northern Ontario and the plants and wildlife that inhabit our surroundings.

Did you know that if you look down from the sky that Science North is shaped like a snowflake with a smaller one beside it? Interesting fact of the day!

​As I walked along the boardwalk it changedfrom interlocking brick to wooden walkways. It blends in so well with the natural surrounding landscape and really gives you the opportunity to travel up and down the lake with areas for stopping if you need shade or a place to sit. Accessibility is also not a factor due to the all the pathways being stair-free. 

​As I arrive at Science North there are young people out enjoying the free fishing weekend at the docks. I continue on, and although I was a little to early to order food, I did take pictures of The Patio.  

This little spot offers the best viewsof Ramsey Lake and is a perfect way to end your morning. The menu is extensive and can be easily downloaded so that you can preplan your visit. In the past they have even offered live music there too. 

You can find The Patio open every Thursday to Sunday from 11am – 5pm. Get out there!! Enjoy summer and create your own “Sudbury Saturday Morning”. 

Written by 

Donna Nilson

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