You Think $1.97 At The Pumps Is Painful? Good News Sudbury As Analyst States Gas Prices Set To Drop Big Time

After weeks of getting soaked at the pumps, Ontario Gas prices are finally set to drop within the week.

President of Canadians for Affordable Energy and gas analyst Dan McTeague hit Ontario drivers with a whopper via Twitter on Wednesday, advising motorists to wait until Friday to fill up their tanks and all for good reason.

According to recent tweets by McTeague, the cost of gas will drop somewhere between 15 and 35 cents a litre on Friday depending on where you’re at in Ontario.

With the good comes the bad, however, as McTeague warns that the drop probably won’t last long as prices will likely bounce up and down with the continued situation between Russia and the Ukraine putting the screws on oil prices.

Earlier this week, the cost of a barrel of oil peaked at US$140, a record high since 2008.

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