You Haven’t Really Visited Sudbury If You Didn’t Stop At These Iconic Spots

With our giant nickel and uber-tall smokestack, it’s safe to say that Sudbury is home to a couple of well-known attractions in Northern Ontario.

Over the years, these gems have been visited and enjoyed by many Sudburians and even more tourists. These sites, along with the stainless steel snowflake that we call Science North, have come to be synonymous with Sudbury but, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that the Nickel City has a few more iconic spots worth checking out.

Each of the following spots are either memorable, fun, or just super-Sudbury, the following spots are some of the city’s hidden gems and certainly worth a visit.

You may not have really been to Sudbury if you haven’t experienced or visited these iconic Sudbury spots. 

Silver Lake Cliffs – Cliff-jumping is extremely dangerous and is in no way recommended by anyone here at Trending Sudbury. However, if you haven’t jumped into Silver Lake from these cliffs, can you actually say you have fully experienced everything that the Nickel City has to offer? 

Camel Back Road – As strange as it sounds, having your bladder launched into your throat while cruising down Camel Back Road out near Kalmo Beach in Val Caron is another often-enjoyed activity. You can make your way to a one-way bridge and even take a dip at the beach once your bladder settles back into place.

Slag Pouring Lookout – Watching trains dump molten metal down a hill is unfortunately a thing of the past for most but, either way, if you grew up in the city, especially in the Gatchel area, you will have fond memories of gasping for air as beads of sweat ran down your forehead while you took it all in.

Downtown Pedestrian Underpass – A short walk under the train tracks in the downtown area of Sudbury will lead you along a corridor of artwork and graffiti. Relatively safe and monitored by cameras, you can check it out if you’re a fan of spray paint and markers. 

Sudbury Kartways – One of Sudbury’s best spots to unwind with the family or hit up on a first date, Sudbury Kartways is definitely an iconic attraction. You can zip around in a go-kart pretending to be Super Mario or enjoy a round of mini-golf.  

The Grotto – If you’re looking to lift your spirits, the Grotto will be exactly what you’re looking for. Full of interactive monuments and natural beauty, this spot is often overlooked, possibly due to its sketchy location.

The Flour Mill Silos – Making your way down Notre Dame Avenue and seeing these silos has been a part of Sudbury since 1911. As historic as they are crumbling, if you haven’t taken in the six pack of delapidation first-hand you really haven’t visited Sudbury.

What other iconic Sudbury spots would you say people need to see if they want to brag they have been to Sudbury?

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