You Can Take A Trip To Buckingham Palace & It Won’t Cost You Anything

For some royal aficionados here in Ontario, a trip to Buckingham Palace might seem out of reach right now. A province-wide lockdown and a pandemic with no clear end isn’t exactly conducive to a a relaxed visit to jolly, old England.

Well, worry not. On Friday, January 15, 2021, you can take a two and a half hour virtual tour of Buckingham Palace without leaving Northern Ontario.

Hosted by Virtual Tour – Live, guests will “learn the history and tour the majestic center of British Royalty” via a virtual guide.

Outlined and included activities are:

  • an historical perspective on the palace and its creation
  • its worldly significance since the 18th century
  • an inside look at artwork held within
  • tours of various State rooms, the grand staircase, the throne room and more

The tour has unlimited access but requires advanced registration, which you can access here.

For those with an interest in all things royal or viewers of the popular Netflix series The Crown, an historical drama focused on the life of Queen Elizabeth, this should be a grand event.

As a starter, we’ve included a video of the time British Royalty instead took to the Nickel City. Hear Prince Charles address our city, a brief march, Princess Diana taking a liking to Needjee the Beaver, and former Ontario Premier Bob Rae getting “his hand in on the beaver as well.”

Break out your fancy hats.

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