You Can Now Fly Porter From Sudbury To Toronto & It’s Really Inexpensive

Are you ready to travel again? How about flying, are you OK with that? If so then you will want to take advantage of flying from Sudbury to Toronto with Porter Airlines. The hassle free flight will have you landing at Toronto Island Airport which is minutes away from all the action that Toronto has to offer.

Flying Porter is certainly a great experience for those who want to get away for a weekend or just a day trip. Whatever your plans are for a trip to Toronto the option of using Porter Airlines is a great one.

When you book your flight you do have a number of options with booking. You can book directly from the Porter website or you can choose the discount website Expedia.

Just to give you an idea what the different options do cost you we will break it down here. If you were to book a flight from Sudbury to Toronto using Expedia you could get a great price.

For example we chose Friday September 23rd 2022 for a flight date and the cost we were given was roughly $127 and the flight left in the morning. On the flip side if you only feel comfortable booking directly with Porter then you would pay $234 for your one way ticket.

Either way you look at it the price is remarkable considering the cost of fuel these days. The time to fly to downtown Toronto is also short as it should take around an hour to get to your destination.

While in Toronto you may want to spend the evening and if that is the case then check out one of these fine hotels for your mini vacation!