You Can Make $15 An Hour Or More With These 5 Sudbury Jobs

With summer coming and potential lockdowns being lifted we are seeing a number of businesses starting to get ready to hire. With this being the case we thought it would be a great idea to let some of our younger readers know what’s available in the Sudbury job market for them. 

When you are younger you may not need a job but still want to get your feet wet in the job market. This summer may be perfect for you to do just that. 

Here in Sudbury, we have a number of jobs available for those people who want to get ahead this summer. These 5 Sudbury jobs are available and you can make at least $15 an hour at them. 

Employer: Federal Express

Type of Job: Delivery Driver

Wage: $16.98 an hour

Duration: Part-time

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Employer: Northern911

Type of Job: Emergency Response Specialist

Wage: $16.24 an hour

Duration: Full-time Permanent

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Employer: Ecom Logistics Inc

Type of Job: Delivery Driver  

Wage: $16-$17 an hour

Duration: Full-time Permanent Temporary

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Employer: G-Tel Engineering

Type of Job: Utility Locator / Damage Prevention Technician

Wage: $17.15-$21.40 an hour

Duration: Full-time

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Employer: Interpaving Ltd.

Type of Job: Flagperson

Wage: $18 an hour

Duration: Full-time

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