You Can Jump Off Cliffs At This Pristine Sudbury Lake

Many of the boomers in Sudbury can remember going to a lake in the South End of the City of Sudbury to jump off cliffs into a pristine lake. The lake is one of Greater Sudbury’s tiny hidden gems. The lake does come with some caution because over the years a number of people have drowned so don’t proceed to do some major cliff jumping without knowing there is some risk.

Picture this, you are walking down a narrow trail on some private property to get to a private spot where you can get the rush off cliff diving right in your city. You arrive at your spot and you are now overlooking pristine lake and in the distance a beach, Silver Beach to be exact.

Unfortunately that’s not what will happen now a days though because that part of the lake is blocked off by a gate and would be illegal to access the property.

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Nonetheless this little pristine lake has more than one area to jump into the water to take a refreshing dip.

Silver Lake provides one of the best experiences for residents in the city. You may see many younger residents occupying the area though so if you are looking for a little nostalgia you may want to scope out the area before you proceed.

Now that you know about this little Sudbury gem how long are you going to wait until you go and check it out?

Neighbourhood: Greater Sudbury South End

Reason for going: Adrenaline junkie

Nickname: Silver Beach or Silver Cliffs