You Can Ice Fish On Any One Of These 6 Sudbury Lakes This Winter

Sudbury and ice fishing go hand in hand like a scarf and mitts. With the cold winters the Sudbury area gets you won’t have any trouble finding a lake with enough ice to park a transport on.

The problem for some anglers in the city is finding a lake that will allow you to catch some big fish. Many ice fishing masters want the thrill of catching and releasing  fish rather than catching and devouring the thing.

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With that in mind you may be surprised with the options you have in the Sudbury area to do some ice fishing. If you aren’t looking to eat the fish you just may have some expanded options where there are some lunkers beneath the ice.

The Sudbury climate is perfect for ice fishing so if you want to try some of these spots you may just have some good luck landing a monster.

6 Sudbury Lakes To Ice Fish This Winter

Minnow Lake

Laugh all you want about this dilapidated lake, but you can catch some huge pike in it. The problem though is that you would be crazy to eat anything that comes from there.

Ramsey Lake

This is the biggest lake in the middle of a city in the world. This lake has numerous spots to catch some good size pickerel or some smaller pike. Ramsey Lake is a big lake so you will want to find a good spot away from people. The problem is that most people know where the honey holes are so it might be challenging to find a good spot that is a bit secluded.

Long Lake

Many people don’t really consider Long Lake when making a plan to go ice fishing in Sudbury. We aren’t really sure why because this lake is pretty good at providing some afternoon entertainment. The problem with this lake is that in some spots it’s really deep and you will need to get down there to catch the biggie.


Wabagishik has a tone of fish of all sizes. You won’t find it very difficult to find a good spot on “Waba” either.

Kelly Lake

Believe it or not Kelly Lake actually has some fish in it. Now You would certainly have some screws loose if you are anything you caught out of the lake. However if you want some fun catching some perch or catfish then this may be the spot for you. The lake is nestled in between the South End of Sudbury and Copper Cliff. This gives you easy access by quad, snowmobile, car or truck if you want an afternoon of fishing.

St. Charles Lake   

In the middle of the South End is another not so fished lake in Sudbury. The lake has a combination of catfish, perch and pike. You may be surprised at the size of fish in the lake considering it’s not fished very much.

If you are looking to find a lake close and easy to you then these may provide some good entertainment for an afternoon ice fishing extravaganza. Just don’t eat anything that comes from here and put it back in and you will be fine.