You Are Going To Want To Buy These 5 Grocery Items Whenever You Are At The Sudbury Costco

Whenever you walk into the Sudbury Costco you probably already have a plan of attack. This plan would probably include going to items that you routinely buy while in the store.

What happens if you want to buy stuff that you regularly never buy? Will you know where to find them on the shelves of the monstrous retail warehouse? Of course walking around the store will help you figure out what you really need or where the products are.

Nonetheless there are some pretty standard go to items you probably want to pick up while at Costco. We decided to list 5 items that you will probably want to buy every time you are at the Sudbury Costco.

These are some of the most purchased grocery items that families would want to check out.

Eggs – This is a must to buy. You can get 2 dozen eggs for pretty cheap when you compare the price to just one dozen in most grocery stores.

Rotisserie Chicken – If rotisserie chicken is your thing then you will want to stop buy Costco and grab one. The moist chicken is located at the back of the store and is usually a much better deal to get here than anywhere else.

Sliced Cheese – If you are a grilled cheese lover then this item is a must. The sliced cheese is located in the refrigerator section and you get a huge amount for relatively the same price as a regular amount from the grocery store. This is one of the best grocery finds at Costco there is.

Eggo Waffles – Lego my Eggo is the old saying. You will notice that the eggo waffles come in a super jumbo box that is much more than what you would get in a grocery store. The Eggo Waffles are off the hook and you will want to stock up on these especially in the winter months. The kids will absolutely love you for it!

Paper Towels – The Costco Brand Kirkland has an amazing paper towel product. The product comes in bulk but individually packed. These paper towels just can’t be ignored by Costco shoppers. Whenever you are in the Sudbury Costco pick up this item.. or don’t because that will ensure they will have some for us.

These are some of the amazing grocery products we enjoy buying each and every time we go to the Sudbury Costco. If you want to know where these items are located in the Costco then watch this video below so you know exactly where to go.