While Doug Ford Commits Political Suicide With Drivel Alberta Premier Jason Kenny Explains Lockdowns

It didn’t take long for people to display their displeasure this afternoon when Doug Ford extended the Ontario stay-at-home order.

More and more people are getting frustrated with repeats and missteps, including many in Northern Ontario, where it was released today that 50% of people eligible to receive the vaccine have received at least one shot. 

However, even with all of the success surrounding the vaccine rollout in Greater Sudbury, we are still being told to stay home. What is missing is a reasonable explanation that people can agree on as to why.

This doesn’t seem to be coming from the Ford government, though. Just earlier this week, the Leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh suggested there was a link between people who protest government lockdowns as being far-right extremists. Singh also called for more enforcement to curtail these protests. 

Not even 24 hours earlier, Jagmeet was protesting and taking selfies with picketers. 

Nonetheless, here in Ontario we are subject to lockdowns and conflicting information between leaders of Public Health.

The most evident of this is the stopping of the AstraZeneca vaccinations. 

In Alberta, the Chief Medical officer explained how it is the supply shortage that is to blame for discontinuing the first dose of the vaccine. 

In Ontario, the reason given is the risk of blood clotting. 

Amidst the extension of the stay-at-home orders, it seems Doug Ford really hasn’t explained the situation very well, either. Or if he has, people are so fed up that they choose not to hear it. 

In Alberta, Premier Jason Kenny took to social media to explain the rationale behind the lockdowns and to express the frustration he feels while watching the United States open up while his province struggles towards doing the same. 

Premier Jason Kenny gave three reasons as to why his province can’t open like Florida or Texas. Those reasons can also be applied to many other parts of the country, including Ontario. 

Kenny went on to explain how Americans have more vaccines, better health care, and a higher infection rate leading to an increase in the population’s antibodies to Covid-19. Take a listen below and tell us what you think. 

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