What Are The Worst Sudbury Roads You Can Think Of? Here Are A Few!

Sudbury, Ontario is a beautiful town with lots of fun things to do. But there are also some roads that are not quite as pleasant. Let’s take a look at our list of the worst streets in Sudbury!

Paris Street

Paris Street is a busy street in Sudbury. It’s also the main truck route through town, which makes it very interesting to drivers and pedestrians alike. There are some sections of Paris Street that has many residential homes that line its sides. It’s also an important part of Sudbury because it cuts through many commercial districts like downtown Sudbury! This road may have been upgraded in the mid 1990’s, but it has outlived its best before date.

Kathleen Street

Kathleen Street is a main street in Sudbury that is located in the Donovan area.

Kathleen Street runs from Notre-Dame avenue all the way down to Food Road. You may have noticed that some of the scenery isn’t the most desirable however the road itself needs some major improvements before you lose a rim.

Barrydowne Road from Lasalle Blvd. to the Kingsway

Barrydowne Road is a major route in Sudbury and one of the busiest roads in all of Ontario. It connects the east side to the west side, so it’s always busy with traffic. The problem? You’ll be stuck behind hundreds of vehicles every day! If you’re looking for a way to avoid this monotony (and don’t mind being stuck behind many more cars), consider trying another route like Falconbridge Road.

College Street from Elm Street to Food Road

College Street from Elm Street to Food Road is one of the worst roads in Sudbury. It has to be one of the roads that is slated for a complete overhaul in the near future.

The reason for this assessment? The road is short and connects a major artery in the city. However, even though it is important it isn’t very well maintained. You have an underpass that looks like it could collapse on vehicles at any moment. Even though the underpass that the trains drive over is ugly the roads are even worse. You can see visible signs of dilapidation that need to be fixed. The spring time will only exasperate the issue and unfortunately we probably won’t see anything done about it.

What’s your worst road in Sudbury?

In your opinion what are the worst Sudbury roads that you can think of?

Let’s find out!

We hope this article has helped you understand why the roads in Sudbury are bad, and what makes them even worse. If you want to know where your own neighbourhood stands, check out the Road Quality Index website. It provides simple rankings on how your road compares to others in Ontario based on a number of factors like traffic volume and speed limit compliance.