We Tried The Limited Time Smelts From Verdicchio Ristorante & This Is What We Thought

Well, it’s not Good Friday but it’s still a good Friday for fish. That was the thought after seeing today’s Facebook post from Verdicchio’s that put Sudbury on alert that they had a limited-time offering of a Northern favourite – smelts.

Any Northerner that has been smelt fishing has made the mistake of bringing home a few too many of these little fish, so we decided to give them a call to make sure they were actually cooked before placing an order. It came as a big surprise when Verdicchio’s said they were. Looking back, it seems silly that they wouldn’t have been.

After taking a deep dive into the smelts it was clear that they were a home run; crispy as a cracker and warm as the summer sun, even after the drive home.

The taste of the fish was simply off of the charts. Honestly, these were about as close to perfection that you could get on this side of Heaven. The spicy sauce that was provided kicked things up another notch, as did the lemon wedges.

The first word that comes to mind after finishing the fresh smelts from Verdicchio Ristorante was more. These limited-time smelts were exactly what the doctor ordered. 

If you ever get a chance to take home this tasty treat from Verdicchio’s, don’t pass up the opportunity. If there’s only only one suggestion to be made, it would be to get more than one order.

Seriously, the smelts from Verdicchio’ are so good, you won’t want to stop eating them. 

Yum, yum. 

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