We Took A Taxi In Sudbury Last Weekend & This Is What We Thought

How long has it been since you took a taxi in Sudbury? This is a question we asked ourselves in the early hours of Saturday, cough cough, Sunday morning. The answer may not surprise you.

The last time us or anyone we knew took a taxi in Greater Sudbury was years ago. For us however it could have been a decade or so ago. Going out to the clubs or bars in Sudbury is a challenge if you are trying to catch a cab afterwards so like many others we usually have one designated driver. This avoids waiting for a taxi cab…

Nonetheless the evening ended up with the unavoidable decision to take a taxi and boy oh boy have things changed since the last time we decided to take the plunge.

If you can believe it or not once the call was made to the local taxi establishment and the ride confirmed we were promptly texted with a message saying that the ride was on its was and attached was a link to track the cab. Maybe it was our device or the number of “pops” we had but the link didn’t show anything so that feature was a bust.

Next to our surprise, just before the taxi showed up to the home that we were partying at we received a quick text notifying us that our vehicle had arrived! This is a cool new feature at least one of the companies in the city are using.

@trendingsudbury This is what $100 of gas looks like in Sudbury, Ontario. #sudbury #sudburyontario #gasprices ♬ Dirty Thoughts – Chloe Adams

Once we were safely dropped off at our destination we received a thank you text for using the service. This was an added touch that made it very personable.

Now on to the not so good part about the taxi ride, the cost! Our taxi was extremely expensive and unfortunately with the number of students in Greater Sudbury there will probably be some drinking and driving going on.

Let us be clear, we do not condone drinking and driving one bit and it should always be avoided. Nonetheless with the price of a taxi these days the reality is this will probably happen more often than what we would like to admit.

Final Thoughts… The taxis new (or at least to us) technological service was great and will be an added bonus in the winter months. This is a service that we will likely use again, however should uber or another ride sharing program come to town we will certainly be giving them a try. This is mostly due to the cost of the service.