We Found These 5 Sudbury Jobs That Pay Over $30 An Hour & They Are Available Right Away

Summer is almost here and that means the summer job market is about to start to kick in. Usually, if you want to find a job making over $30 an hour you may have some trouble. However, in the summer months you usually have an opportunity to find these jobs.

The Sudbury job market is far from limping along. You can find jobs at almost any wage you want. The only thing that will determine the outcome is the type of education and experience you have. Nonetheless we found 5 jobs in Greater Sudbury that are paying at least $30 an hour and here they are.

5 Sudbury Jobs That Are Paying $30 An Hour

Employer: AFIMAC Canada

Type of Job: Waste Operator

Salary: $35 an hour

Duration: Temporary

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Employer: Health Sciences North

Type of Job: Coordinator, Diabetes, Bariatrics, Nutrition Counselling and Ophthalmology

Salary: $45.76 – $53.85 an hour 

Duration: Full-time, Temporary, Contract

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Employer: Stewart Satellite

Type of Job: Satellite TV Installer

Salary: $38 an hour

Duration: Full-time

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Employer: Compass / Boussole / Akii-Izhinoogan 

Type of Job: Clinician – Bilingual

Salary: $33.18 – $41.23 an hour 

Duration: Full-time, Permanent – Temporarily remote

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Employer: Element Construction

Type of Job: Carpenter

Salary: $40 – $60 an hour

Duration: Full-time, Permanent

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