Want To Make More Money Than Your University Graduate Friends – Consider These 5 Cambrian College Courses

Why should some people consider Cambrian College as a post secondary option as opposed to going to university? Some people go to post secondary school so they can find a job at the end of it all. However some people only go to a post secondary institution to take a course in a subject they love, in pursuit of a fantasy land reality that costs them more than their happiness.

Many people are opening up to the possibility of taking a post secondary education in a subject that can land them a job or career once graduation. These people also want to make money because as you would know, life is getting more and more expensive.

Over the past decade or so the stigma of a college diploma as opposed to a university degree has really gone by the wayside. Today, people who went to college and stayed in their field have made become just as successful and prosperous as those who spend big money attending university in some liberal arts program that made them feel good.

That is just the reality of todays job market place. There are many opportunities to be had if you have a college diploma, where maybe in the past those opportunities weren’t clearly expressed.

Just like in university some college programs might not give you successful employment in that field. That comes with every college or university, however if you want to almost ensure a job that you will make a living where you can buy a house, have a vehicle or two and maybe some toys, then check out these 5 courses right here at Cambrian College.

If you graduate from any of these five Cambrian College courses the chances are you will probably be making some money right away.

Mining Engineering Technology

If you are going to take this 6 semester course the options are pretty good. You will have the opportunity to get employment in an industry that is in desperate need for workers. The work may be dangerous and dirty however you have an opportunity to make a high five – low six figure wage right away. This is something that your liberal arts friends won’t be able to comprehend.

Medical Radiation Technology

This is a 7 semester course that will have you working in the medical field upon completion. By taking this course you may end up working in a hospital that you are placed at during the time of your course. This is just another example of a college course that you can take where you will most likely make over $30 an hour to start.

Heavy Equipment Technician

If you are in an industrial setting the chances are you will make a good living. Right now there are jobs in the HDTN field and they pay pretty good. The chances of getting a job in this field are also very good. So how much will you make? All you have to do is a simple google search and you will see that the average wage in this field after a couple years is $83,000.

Dental Hygiene

Lets be honest here. If you want to make bank then becoming a dentist is probably a good way to do it. However, if you don’t mind going to college and working in the industry you can make a pretty good living as a Dental Hygienist. In Ontario the average salary of a dental hygienist is rolling in about $38.87 per hour. That ain’t to bad for a 6 semester course with on the job training.

Electrical Engineering Technology

Have you always had an interest in sparks? Well becoming a sparky can be pretty lucrative. There are also a lack of jobs in this field and if you get your proper paperwork you can make a pretty good six figures relatively quickly. Most electricians are making pretty good money and the job is certainly in high demand. Especially if you are looking to work in an industrial setting. This electrical engineering course is 3 years long and the average salary of $38 per hour with a huge upside of over $130,000 per year.

These are just five examples of college courses that can give you a good shot at a decent living without spending the time in a university. You can certainly make money in other college courses like Business Administration or Bachelor of Science in Nursing, but we only decided to list 5 courses. We can lead you to water but it will be up to you to take a drink.