UK Approves COVID-19 Vaccine And Will Start Inoculations Next Week

People in Canada and around the world will be watching as the UK approves COVID-19 vaccine. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Twitter earlier today that the inoculations will start next week.

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Boris Johnson leads the first nation to approve the vaccine as many hope to follow suit in the coming weeks and months. Logistically speaking the roll out will be rigorous given the temperature the vaccine has to be kept at.   

With the announcement that the UK has approved the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, the popular daytime television host Piers Morgan has convinced Matt Hancock, the UK Health Minister, to receive the jab live on air.

However, for us in Canada, it is still unknown how much of and when the vaccine will be available. Canadians still have no clue who will get it first either. 

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