Try These 5 Outdoor Activities In Greater Sudbury If You Are Feeling Stressed About Lockdowns

The best time to get outside in Greater Sudbury would be now. Well not this second, just wait until you finish reading this blog post. 

Greater Sudbury has much to offer in outdoor activities and lucky for us a majority of them are somewhat inexpensive. There are numerous ways to beat that stressed out feeling of being stuck inside all week. 

The best remedy for to much screen time is really closing the laptop, putting down the phone and getting some fresh air. So if it’s the fresh air you crave then take a gander of what outdoor activities Greater Sudbury has to offer. 

5 Outdoor Activities Greater Sudbury Offers That Won’t Break The Bank

Ice Fishing – We aren’t sure if you still need a fishing license to enjoy this past time so let’s say you don’t. Greater Sudbury has an abundance of lakes to enjoy and if you need help finding them just check out our past blog post You Can Ice Fish On Any One Of These 6 Sudbury Lakes This Winter.

Skating – The Ramsey Lake skate path isn’t open as of yet and neither is the Kivi Park skate path, but don’t let that deter you. Greater Sudbury has an amazing skating oval that isn’t to busy. Unfortunately like everything else in Sudbury the parking sucks, but keep it positive and you may find a spot to park. 

Outdoor Hiking – If you don’t have a clue where to find a nice hiking trail in Greater Sudbury don’t worry. You can take advantage of the outdoor trails at Lake Laurentian or even Kivi Park. However, if you don’t know where these places are and you are still stumped take a walk around the block. Fresh air and sunshine will do wonders for your mental health. 

Downhill Skiing – This one cost a bit of cash so if your ok with that then make sure to contact a local ski hill and make a plan to get on the slopes. With the wind in your face darting down a hill the fresh air will make you extremely happy. 

Take a Sleighride – Wagonwheel Ranch offers family sleighrides which will certainly make you happy. You won’t even have to pull the sleigh because they have horses for that. 

Whatever you do put down the phone and turn off the computer and go outside. The best cure for those winter blues is some fresh air and sunlight.