Trudeau Met With Jeers & Not Cheers While Visiting Sudbury

It has been roughly 6 years since Justin Trudeau secured his majority government and at that time Greater Sudbury drooled over him. However the case is much different this time around as people are fed up of the scandals, incompetence and division this Liberal government has brought to the country.

When Justin Trudeau visited Sudbury after he originally secured a majority for the Liberal Party of Canada he was greeted as a rockstar. Trudeau made his way to Ramsey Lake in Greater Sudbury to the cheers of thousands upon thousands of Liberal Supporters.

What changed in the 6 years? Plenty! It didn’t take long for the rookie Prime Minister to fumble and it really wasn’t a one off either. Now in the midst of a fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic the tune in the once Liberal stronghold is much different.

Trudeau came for an announcement, probably some sort of a re-announcement, today and the mood is obviously much different as the Prime Minister was greeted with protestors.

It didn’t stop with that either, the CBC reporter also tweeted that numerous vehicles passing and following motorcade are yelling obscenities and giving the finger out window. This is certainly a big change of tune in a city that has 2 ridings that are both occupied by Liberals.

The Federal Election is coming up on September the 20th. Who are you thinking of voting for? Let us know in the comment section on our social media!

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