Trudeau Government Will Likely Enable Empty Shelves And Supply Chain Issues With Trucker Mandate

The trucker vaccine mandate is one of those other things that we read and think it is well intentioned. However when ideas on paper hit the real world you often get some unintended consequences. 

Before you read anymore let us be blunt, we don’t really care if you are for or against these or any of the other vaccine or COVID mandates. That being said, these ones will likely have some effects on every Canadian and especially those who live in remote areas and rely on truckers to bring in food. 

Over the past week many have pointed out that having a vaccine mandate on truckers right now will almost certainly give us supply chain issues. Given the severity of omicron or even the transmissibility of the disease it appears the federal government  decided to ignore this warning and truck along with the mandate. 

Many people have pointed out the issues that these mandates will cause. Dr. David Jacobs is one of those people. In the tweet below he points out some problems with the mandate and a possible solution. 

The “experts” are warning of empty shelves because of the mandate.

Of course the messaging was a little off from the beginning. Chaos and confusion! 

Warnings of medical supplies also not making it into the country. As these just bluffs though? We will soon find out.

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