Top 15 Cities In Ontario Searching For “House For Sale” & Sudbury Is One Of Them

Greater Sudbury’s housing market is roaring, so it’s no surprise that the search term “house for sale” on Google has spiked in the Nickel City. What may be surprising is that Sudbury is, in fact, one of the top 15 cities in Ontario being searched for the same term.

On fire since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s been speculated that the increased demand in the housing market is partly because of the availability of opportunities to work from home. When people can work from home they are able to live relatively anywhere they want.

Smaller communities like Sudbury, that have an abundance of lakes and outdoor activities, will likely see a continued influx of buyers from southern regions. With that increase in buyers and a tight amount of inventory, the price of homes will certainly rise.

In these times, it doesn’t take long for a buzz to be created and interests to start perking up amongst buyers. But where do people look if they are looking to buy a home? Google, of course.

With that said, here are the top 15 cities in Ontario that are searched the most on Google using the term “house for sale”.

Top 15 Cities In Ontario Searching For “House For Sale”


Average Home Price: $359,663


Average Home Price: $385,803

Niagara Falls

Median Home Price: $550,000


Average Home Price: $971,462


Average Home Price: $1,536,355

Kawartha Lakes

Median Home Price: $538,500


Median Home Price: $520,500


Average Home Price: $1,298,922


Average Home Price: $463,817


Average Home Price: $749,798


Average Home Price: $515,217 


Average Home Price: $372,641

Saint Catharines

Median Home Price: $598,000


Average Home Price: $429,718


Average Home Price: $902,220

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