Top 10 Most Expensive Cities For Home Insurance & Northern Ontario Has 8 Of Them

Are you trying to find home insurance in Northern Ontario that is cheap and has appropriate coverage? This may be a daunting task if you live in some parts of Northern Ontario.

This is because 8 of the 10 most expensive home insurance prices in Ontario come from Northern Ontario according to a recently released article in This is in stark contrast to the least expensive home insurance prices in Ontario, which all of the top 10 are in Southern Ontario.

Below is the list of the 10 most expensive cities for home insurance and after that there are some tips to help bring down the cost of home insurance. It is just a reminder that this list is from and we can’t confirm how accurate this is. However it was released on July 7th, 2022 so it may be the most recent one that is out.

Top 10 Cities With The Most Expensive Home Insurance

5.South Porcupine$2,0463
7.Fort Frances$2,0234
8.Val Caron$2,0059
9.Elliot Lake$2,00515
List taken from

Now that you know the most expensive cities you may need some tips on bringing down that insurance. Below are 6 tips to lower the cost of your home insurance according to

6 Tips To Consider That Can Lower Your Home Insurance

Customize your policy

Compare quotes


Install a back-flow valve

Secure your home

Don’t smoke

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