Today Is Groundhog Day & This Is What Happened

Groundhog Day

Ever since the movie Groundhog Day we have been facisnated with the little creatures predictions. Ever since corona has taken over, every day might feel like Groundhog Day for some, but with the light finally at the end of the tunnel maybe Groundhog Day can represent something a little different.

What exactly is groundhog day one might ask. If you don’t already know groundhog day is when we all take our prediction of how long winter will last based on if a groundhog sees his shadow or not. Sounds logical doesn’t it?

People in Ontario have been focused on little Wiarton Willie. Wiarton Willie is Ontario’s official groundhog. Every February 2nd the albino groundhog emerges from his home to see how Ontario will face the next six weeks.

The groundhog, which had a statue made after him, is a staple of the community. Today will mark the 65th year the community has had a festival in honour of the famous groundhog.

Today when the groundhog popped its little head up out of its hole and took a deep breath of fresh air the little bugger didn’t see his shadow. When a groundhog doesn’t see its shadow that means we have only 6 more weeks of winter. Thank God!

Should the groundhog have seen his shadow then as the saying goes we would have seen wintery weather for the foreseeable future. Luckily this isn’t the case this year with Wiarton Willie.

You can visit Wiarton Willie at his home in Bluewater Park between May and September.

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