This Baby Elephant Was Hit By A Motorcycle & You Won’t Believe How It Survived

baby elephant motorcycle

A baby elephant was recently hit by a car and almost died. The elephant was attempting to cross the road in Thialand’s eastern province of Chanthaburi. This could almost be equivalent to hitting a bear cub on a narrow Northern Ontario road.

The elephant was hit by a motorcycle and can be seen in a viral video receiving CPR. The video shows a rescue worker valiantly performing compression pumps on the young elephant.

Strangely enough the motorcycle rider wasn’t as injured as the elephant and didn’t need any life saving procedures.

Once the animal came too it was brought to another location to receive some treatment. Once the treatment was complete the elephant was then returned to the area of the accident and let free.

This has to be one of the more stranger stories we have heard of in recent time. The elephant was very lucky to have such a caring individual jump into action to save its life.

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