This 6-Minute Sudbury Secondary School Video From 1995 Is Dripping With Nostalgia Juice

Sudbury Secondary School has brought us back in time with the release of a promotional video from way back.

Recorded in 1995, the recently unearthed video features many of Sudbury Secondary School’s former students, faculty, and facilities in all of their 90’s glory.

Originally shown to grade 8 students during feeder school presentations, the nearly 6-minute video now serves to pump our veins full of nostalgia juice.

Following a short opener, Principal Joan Mantle sits like a well-fed wolf, all alone in the middle of a dimly-lit Sheridan Auditorium while stating “I like to call this my school…” Had she been replaced with Hannibal Lecter, the scene couldn’t have been any more terrifying to new fish.

Touting itself as Sudbury’s ‘Triple A’ school in recognition of its dedication to the arts, academics, and athlethics, the rest of the promo video is quite impressive, especially if you attended Sudbury Secondary School in the mid-90’s.

Additional footage outlines the school’s history and achievements, the unique programs that were offered at the time, roaming hallway views, and even some student interviews. Look closely and you may find yourself in the background!

Just kidding, Ms. Mantle. RIP.

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