These Sudbury Workers Can Now Pre-Register For COVID-19 Vaccination

Now that the Covid-19 vaccine is slowly rolling out, some people in Sudbury are starting to get vaccinated. Unfortunately, we do not have enough vaccines at the moment to vaccinate the entire population, but essential service workers have started getting the shot in the arm.

If you are a Health Care worker and haven’t received the first shot of the vaccine, you may be in luck. Public Health Sudbury & Districts has set up a portal online for health care workers to register to get their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

However, the Health Science North Sudbury health care workers aren’t eligible to sign up for this pre-registration program. The reason for this is because HSN is part of the HSN vaccination eligibility process.

For those healthcare workers who are eligible to pre-register for vaccination you can do so online. Once you pre-register you will be contacted to book an appointment when the vaccine becomes available. Health Care workers are also reminded that pre-registration does not mean that you will get an appointment immediately.

Even with these hiccups, it shouldn’t take that long now for the city to be wholly vaccinated and many people surely view that as a good thing. In the past week alone, Greater Sudbury has seen a significant jump in cases due to outbreaks in a number of schools.

Yesterday, the Greater Sudbury area, including the District of Sudbury and Manitoulin Island District, saw an increase of 32 cases. Out of those cases identified, we saw 10 cases aged 19 years old and under, 11 cases 20-39 years old, 2 cases 40-59 years old, 8 cases 60-79 years old and 1 case 80 and over.

To date, the area which is covered by Public Health Sudbury & Districts has seen 13 deaths of the 667 cases.