These Male & Female Names Are The Most Popular For Dogs Across Canada In 2020

As Canadians, we love our furry friends. Not only do we show them cuddles and compassion but we also give our dogs really cool names.

Baby names trend from year to year, and dog names are no different. Some dog names are mainstays and some never make the cut.

A big difference this year is that pet adoptions have soared. Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have seen mass pet adoptions like never before. Combine that with some stir-crazy pet owners and we may just see some potential shake-ups in this year’s list of male and female dog names.

Top 10 Male Dog Names

10) Tucker

9) Murphy

8) Bentley

7) Rocky

6) Buddy

5) Leo

4) Cooper

3) Milo

2) Max


Top 10 Female Dog Names

10) Lola

9) Zoe

8) Maggie

7) Stella

6) Lily

5) Molly

4) Daisy

3) Lucy

2) Luna

1) Bella

Why don’t you tell us in the comments on social media if you purchased or adopted a dog in 2020. If you did, what did you name them? 

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