These Just Might Be 6 Of The Very Most Sudbury Things From The 90’s

If you were a teenager in Sudbury at some point in the 90’s then you can pretty much say you have seen the city transform.

Some people who grew up in Sudbury will have some fond memories about how things were. You can always remember your first trip downtown or your first popular dance that you went to.

Sudbury had and still has its uniqueness to it. However, when you look back at the 90’s you will know that some very distinct things were in and around Sudbury that aren’t here anymore.

For the people of Sudbury who grew up in the 90’s you will totally be thrown back into your past when  we remind you about these 6 Sudbury things that kids who grew up in the 90’s will remember.

These Just Might Be 6 Of The Very Most Sudbury Things From The 90’s

Top Hats – Top Hats was an arcade that had a reputation to say the least. The place was located on Elm Street and is now a parking lot. If you were young in the 90’s you were probably told by your parents not to go in there.

Mingles – Mingles was one of Sudbury’s premier dance bars. Lots of people use to go there on Wednesday nights. If you remember the night club scene in Sudbury back in the day you will remember every night had a bar to go to. Wednesday nights were for Mingles and they didn’t have the nickname ‘shingles’ for nothing.

Much Music Video Dances In Parking Garage at City Centre – Growing up in a mining town like Sudbury didn’t provide much entertainment for teens. However if you were lucky enough to be around at a certain time in the 90’s you will remember the Much Music Dance’s in the parking garage at the City Centre. These took place in a time where music channels on TV actually played music videos. When you went there you were surrounded with speakers and big screens playing the best videos of the day.

Buses Parking on Street Downtown – Sudbury Transit use to be the major form of transportation for a lot of Sudburians back before the bus terminal was built. These buses use to load and unload on Lisgar Street Downtown and you would be right on the street in front of stores to do shopping or hang out. You wouldn’t believe the foot traffic that generated for the downtown businesses. Something lacking in the downtown today.  

3 Movie Theatres – Believe it or not Sudbury had more than a couple movie theatres. You use to be able to have your pick to where you wanted to go see a movie. We use to have the Odeon which was on Elm Street where the Rexall is now. Another movie theatre was in the City Centre where the Downtown Movie Lounge is and the third was in New Sudbury in the old Super Mall. The Super Mall was where the now Canadian Tire in New Sudbury is. That mall had a grocery store, arcade, movie theatre and some other stores to shop at.

Omega Call Centre – If you worked at a call centre in the 90’s it was probably Omega. The outbound call centre was located at the old Sudbury Police Station in Downtown Sudbury. This place seemed to have major turnover and was always hiring. You use to have to dress to impress if you worked there. It was a good place for someone to make some cash and they sold some high interest credit cards to people across the United States.