These Are Some Of Sudbury’s Most Romantic Places To Take A Walk This Summer

With so many picturesque places to explore and enjoy in the Greater Sudbury area, why do it all alone?

Nature’s simplicity offers wonderful opportunities for romantic moments, memories, and maybe even more, if you know where to go. Lucky for local lovebirds, the Nickel City has more than a few great spots to take in some fresh air, lovely landscapes, and one another.

Forget reservations and pricey food. Make the most of what our city has to offer, and hit up these romantic spots to walk with your significant other or even just your for-the-moment fling.

Ramsey Lake Boardwalk – This one is a tad predictable, but the Ramsey Lake Boardwalk is pretty much a given as one of Sudbury’s top choices for a romantic walk. Your chit-chat will be complimented by the waves crashing against the shore. 

Kivi Park – A membership or, at the very least, a day-pass is required to enjoy all that Kivi Park has to offer but it’s safe to say that you’d be missing out on one of the Nickel City’s most beautiful outdoor attractions by not visiting. You can hike to the wishing tree and make a wish with your date! 

Delki Dozzi – If you don’t mind encountering a couple of overzealous cyclists, you won’t have any problems enjoying a walk around this marvelous track. For the most part, however, its tranquility will allow for a perfect day out with your honey.

Lake Laurentian Trails – This place is perfect for any adventurous lovers looking to find a little privacy. You will be able to get lost in nature and your date’s eyes as you dream of a life together while resting at the water’s edge. Historically this place is where magic happens and people get engaged. 

Hillfield Trail – The Hillfield Trail in Lively is a super-pretty place to enjoy the company of your partner without the crowds. Walking through this scenic spot will surely help to generate a great conversation between you and your companion. Enjoy!