These Are 5 Types Of Fish You Can Catch At CPR Bay In Ramsey Lake

CPR Bay is part of Ramsey Lake in Sudbury, Ontario and it is a somewhat popular fishing destination for those who don’t really know where the honey holes are in Ramsey. One of the main reasons it remains popular is because of the frequency of fish caught here.

If you are looking for a spot to ultimately catch something there is a good chance that if you come here you will catch a fish. The area has been known to harvest some of the biggest fish that have come out of the inner city lake.

The fish species of Ramsey Lake vary and so do the size of fish that you can catch here. For instance, if you are looking for something that will fight like hell, but are not that large in size you may find that in Ramsey Lake.

You also have to admire the versatility of the lake. You can go here at almost anytime of the year to land a “tres gros poisson”. However if you like to fish in the summer you may want to ditch this spot for another because of its easy access and privacy for swimmers.

Nonetheless there are a number of fish species that you can catch in Ramsey Lake, but these seem to be the 5 most popular fish to catch in this particular spot.

Northern Pike

Small Mouth Bass

Yellow Perch

White Sucker


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