These Are 10 Of The Very Best 90’s Movies That You Use To Love To Smoke Weed And Watch

The 1990’s had some of the best content around, especially movies. The 90’s were home to hit movie classics that are cult favourites now a days. However there was also the tinge of weed smoking that was qwazy acceptable so that could be a small reason why certain movies were focused to the weed smoking crowd.

Some of those 90’s kids were raised by 1960’s free spirited hippies so the element of weed smoking wasn’t a strange notion. Nonetheless if you grew up in the 90’s you probably enjoyed some of these movies with or without your finest herbs.

Below we decided to list the 90’s movies that you use to love to smoke weed and watch. These may not be the best 1990’s movies, but they were the most popular to sit back and smoke a fat blunt and watch.

Dazed and Confused – This 1993 cult comedy classic was one of the pioneer weed movies of all time. Almost every scene in the movie portrayed what lots of high school students though was a better time, the 1970’s. The movie had one of the best rock and roll soundtracks you would witness.

Friday – This was the movie that would introduce Chris Tucker to the world. In this movie two kids Craig (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker) spend the day smoking weed on the stoop. This movie produced some of the most amazing one liners like, you got knocked the fuck out or playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, came out of this movie. The sound track was also a top soundtrack of the day. In the sound track you had the 1990’s hip hop all star lineup just months before the industry became main stream.

American Pie – This was a funny movie that could have portrayed a number of groups of people that you hung out with in high school. The funny part is no one would want to be the Jim. In all seriousness the movie is a classic and Stifler was hilarious. This movie was an instant hit and was a good selection to see if you wanted to relax and smoke a bowl and have a good laugh. This one time, at band camp.

The Matrix – This was one of the most insane movies that changed the movie landscape for decades. From the time Neo was presented with the choice of having the Red Pill or the Blue Pill the movie world changed. The Matrix used effects that had never been seen before. The movie was a perfect storm if you enjoyed some powerful bud or some psychedelics.

Billy Madison – This Adam Sandler hit was a funny and typical Sandler movie for the mid 1990’s. The movie was about a rich kid that had to go back to elementary school and finds some amazing adventures in the mean time. The comedic genius of Adam Sandler was on full display here. This is also a great movie to pass the joint around and relax to.

Reservoir Dogs – This is an instant classic that screws with your head. This movie is a wild ride if you are high as a kite. The movie is a Quentin Tarantino production that like all other Tarantino productions you should probably be as a high as possible watching it.

Pult Fiction – This movie was the rebirth for John Travolta. The movie was also a great introduction for some people to Samuel L Jackson. Many of times people sat back on a weekend and smoked a bowl wondering what did Marsellus Wallace Look Like?

Happy Gilmore – This happens to be the funniest golf movie ever made. Sandler plays a hockey player turned golfer and is a bit of a psychopath. He is trying to win a golf championship to save his mothers house while hook up with the tour director. Very fun movie to watch while high.

Tommy Boy – This was one of Chis Farley’s last movies and it was hilarious. If you loved sitting around watching a funny movie and smoking your tweeds then this is one that you wouldn’t have missed. David Spade and Chris Farley were an insanely funny comedic duo.

Half Baked – How many Dave Chappelle movies would you not smoke weed and watch? This movie is no different because the movie is about weed. This is where Dave Chappelle got known to all the weed smokers. If you are a Dave Chappelle fan and a fan of smoking weed then you probably seen this movie while “half baked”.

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