These 7 Incredible Reasons To Pick Sudbury As Your Vacation Destination This Summer Are Off The Charts

Finding a reason to visit Sudbury in the summertime is about as easy as it gets. Great weather and a beautiful surrounding area allows visitors to take part in an array of available activities in the Nickel City.

Whether your looking to vacation in Northern Ontario for the first time or you are a longtime resident looking for staycation inspiration, you can find plenty of bright ideas in Sudbury to fill your summer up with fun.

Keep in mind, during the ongoing pandemic there are sometimes as many travel restrictions and limitations as there are reasons to fall in love with Sudbury. Certain activities may not be available or at, worst, you may not even be able to visit at all!

Should situations clear up more, though, some incredible reasons to choose Sudbury as your vacation destination this summer exist and you won’t have to look any further to find them. We have seven gems that will surely get you motivated to visit the Nickel City.

7 Incredible Reasons To Pick Sudbury As Your Vacation Destination This Summer


As stated earlier, Sudbury’s weather in the summertime is generally fantastic and because of that the amount of outdoor activities are almost endless. Hike the trails, hit the links, or hop into any one of the many lakes Sudbury has to offer and make the most of the season and your stay. Even if there are a few rainy days, you can handle that with an umbrella while it lasts. There aren’t many rainy days in the Nickel City.


Sudbury has a number of restaurants that are perfect for all types of foodies. Whether it is Mediterranean, Italian or beyond, there is something for everyone’s tastes. You can also choose fine dining or takeout in almost every food category. If its Shawarma’s you like or a slice of home made pizza goodness, this makes Sudbury the destination for ever single foodie near and far.


With over 300 lakes in the area, Sudbury has deservedly been dubbed the City of Lakes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a homegrown Sudburian or from out of town, you’ll more than likely make use of one of the lakes in Sudbury. Aside from the natural beauty available, they’re a major source of fun.

Go kayaking or canoeing and fill up your Instagram feed with shots of Mother Nature in all of her Northern beauty. If you’d rather just kick back and soak up some sun, Sudbury has a number of beaches that aren’t always packed with people.

Sudbury is also supposed to get a water park at the main beach on Ramsey Lake this year. This will be a great way to beat the heat and get some physical activity. In addition to this feature, a wonderful chilling and tubing experience is available in Chelmsford that can take a the entire day to complete. After a bus trip to the starting point, you’ll cruise down a natural lazy river while enjoying the sun and nature.


With its unique landscape and plenty of wilderness, Sudbury is an Ontario hotspot for camping . You can enjoy the outdoors at a number of provincial parks or family-run camping spots in the area. Usually the area gets just enough rain to avoid any pesky fire restrictions, so you can enjoy a nice campfire with friends and roast some marshmallows and franks. Camping in and around Sudbury doesn’t just mean tenting either, as the Sudbury area has cottages for rent as well. You can stay in your very own cabin in the woods and howl at the moon.


The fishing in the Sudbury area is top notch. Once again, they don’t call Sudbury the City of Lakes for nothing and with all of those lakes you can expect to find a whole lot of fish. Perfect conditions for fishing are another easy find here in Sudbury, so any day is often a good day for a nice catch. It doesn’t matter if Pickerel or Pike is your preference because you won’t have any problems fishing your limit of any type of fish that is local to the region.


Whether for an adventurous hike or a leisurely walk, Sudbury has so many trails to choose from that you can enjoy them from almost any point in the city. A short ride just outside of the city can bring you even more action, if you include Manitoulin Island. You can grab your hiking shoes and take to the the mountains to get some breathtaking views of the surrounding beauty. Greater Sudbury is beautiful in the summertime, so if you are excited to do some hiking, you won’t be disappointed with any of the available options.


Tee up the golf ball and hit a few long drives down the fairway during your stay in the Nickel City. Greater Sudbury has a number of golf courses that are available to the public. Have your choice of long-ball golf, short-ball golf or even billy-goat-golf in the Sudbury area. Should you just be looking to hit the driving range to just crack a few balls, Sudbury has that, too. Most courses have a good area to warm up and hit the ball before your round. If that is too formal, there is also a driving range in the South End of Sudbury that is perfect to bring the youngsters.

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