These 6 Sudbury Winter Driving Tips Are What Every Sudbury Driver Needs To Know

If you frequently drive around in Greater Sudbury during the winter months you may have noticed that you encounter some snow covered streets. These snowy streets are all over the city and aren’t just side streets either.

This seems to be a problem that has plagued the city for decades. That is why we decided to list a few winter driving tips for Greater Sudbury that can keep you safe on our roads.

The last thing we want is someone to end up in a snowbank during one of our cold winter days or evenings. Hopefully these tips can help you out and keep you safe while navigating the already brutal roads we have in Sudbury.

6 Sudbury Winter Driving Tips Are What Every Sudbury Driver Needs To Know

Proper tires – If you are living in Greater Sudbury and want some good traction on our slick, snowy, icy roads then you will most definitely want to equip your vehicle with some snow tires. Unfortunately having snow tires wasn’t always a must. Nonetheless they are now and it will do you a world of good to get those installed sooner than later.

Slow down at intersections – You may have noticed if you are a Sudbury driver that the intersections in Greater Sudbury get extremely icy in the winter. This may be because the traffic management of the city is piss poor. You are almost guaranteed to be stopping at every red light in the city so there are lots of warm exhaust beating down and melting snow, just to have it freeze and become slick. What you will want to do is slow down even if you have a green light because lots of times cars will slide right through the red light at no fault of their own.

Allow for extra time where possible – If you are looking to speed in this city during the winter you are looking for a disaster. Driving the Sudbury roads takes care and precision on good days, now you add a little of the white stuff and you may be in for a wild ride.

Disengage cruise control – If you are using cruise control on Sudbury streets you will be in for a world of hurt. This is because there are so many stop and go situations in Sudbury during the summer that when its winter this is amplified by 10,000. That may be a bit off an exaggeration but you get the point.

Do not panic – One of the worst things you can do while driving in Greater Sudbury during the winter months is panic. You will need to stay calm and alert while driving these roads and if you panic, the ditch or rock cut could be your best frenemy. Is frenemy even a word?

Be patient – If you are the summer time Mario Andretti you may want to reconsider this in winter months. Lots of times in Greater Sudbury you will see one lane of the road completely bare and the other snow covered. Use your common sense and avoid zipping in and out of snow covered to bare roads on your way to your destination. If you do happen to be the one who likes doing this make sure you aren’t slipping all over when going in and out of lanes.

Hopefully these winter driving tips for Greater Sudbury help us all. Good luck navigating those slippery, snow covered streets this winter and stay safe.

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