These 6 Sudbury Trails Will Make You Fall In Love With Spring Even More

Spring is a great time for outdoor enthusiasts in Greater Sudbury. Not only does it showcase the North in bloom, it gives those that love adventure the opportunity to get their fix after being limited to certain activities over the winter.

Hitting the Sudbury trails will surely be in order now that warmer weather has taken care of the majority of the remaining snow. Far less mud and some warm sunshine present a perfect time to leash up the dog or to check the tire pressure on your mountain bike. 

Whether to walk the dog, to head out for a ride, or to become one with nature, you won’t have much trouble finding a little excitement along the hiking trails in the Nickel City with all of the unique terrain and wonderful views that they have to offer.

Enjoy the new life and the beauty that Spring brings to Greater Sudbury while hitting up one of these amazing little gems that are right in our backyard! 

These 6 Sudbury Trails Will Make You Fall In Love With Spring All Over Again 

Blueberry Hill – If you are looking for a nice trail with some amazing views of Greater Sudbury then this might be the trail for you. Blueberry Hill is part of the Rainbow Routes organization and is equipped with many different lookout areas.

If you’re limited by a long distance or time, you don’t have to worry because this trail is only 0.6 kilometers in length. You will be heading uphill the majority of the way on this one, though, so keep this one in line with your own level of physicality.

This trail is located in Minnow Lake and the entrance can be accessed at the Carmichael Arena parking lot. 

Fielding Memorial Park – If you are looking for a trail with multiple route options, this is a great choice.

Fielding Memorial Park is located in Lively, about a 15-minute drive from Downtown Sudbury. The parking area on Fielding Road is beside the industrial park but don’t let the unique location deter you either because this spot has as much beauty as it it does options.

Should you be looking for a larger loop to walk around or a straight path to head down, this park has you covered. You can literally walk to Mikkola Subdivision in Lively straight from the beginning of the path.

No matter if you’re looking for the challenge of some steep hills or you’re out to simply enjoy the weather, the views of the waterways and surrounding area will take your breath away. 

Langdon Park – This piece of paradise in Blezard Valley is a perfect place to bring your dog for a 20 minute stroll.

Both you and the dog will be able to engage your senses as you listen to the sounds of the birds chirping and look at the beauty of the wilderness on this relaxing trail. Strolling this trail in the springtime is a great choice, too, because this wild wonderland can also become quite popular with the mosquitoes in the summertime, or so say the Debbie Downers! 

Nickeldale Conservation Area – Are you looking for a good place to ride your bike while enjoying the outdoors?

The Nickeldale Conservation Area offers up some interesting urban additions along the trail that makes for more than a few awesome Instagram shots, such as the graffiti-covered dam and a kick-ass statue of an otter. With a landscape all of its own, this trail provides a refreshing place to take a ride or amble on through. Take your pick and enjoy. 

The trail itself follows along the brand new Maley Drive extension. This making access to the trail a breeze. You don’t have to be a cyclist to enjoy this, either.

Kivi Park – What do the kids like today? Cadillac or Mercedes? Either way, the trails at Kivi Park are some of Greater Sudbury’s best and would definitely be comparable to one of those brands if a trail system was a luxury car.

At Kivi Park, there are almost as many options as there are days of the week. You can bike there, hike there, or stop at the playground if you’re just looking to monkey around. You can even skate there in the winter!

The trail system is organized, clean and mostly simple, however it does have a few challenging spots. Whether you’re an old papper looking to get some exercise or maybe half a mountain goat, Kivi Park has you covered. This area is also expanding, so you will want to stay tuned for that.

This continually expanding park is located in the South End passed Long Lake and has plenty of parking. Another feature that is unique to Kivi Park is that you can actually store your bike there, making it easier to enjoy the trails in a different way. 

New Sudbury Conservation Area –  This is one of the most peaceful places to walk in the City of Greater Sudbury. 

Should you have an appetite for suburban scenery, you will definitely enjoy this trail. If you climb to the lookout at the top of Mount Adanac, you can take notice of the subdivisions down below in New Sudbury all the way across to Notre Dame Avenue.

The New Sudbury Conservation Area starts off at Beatrice Avenue in the heart of New Sudbury.