These 6 Skateboard Graphics Are Amazing And Perfect For Any Skater

Skateboarding is not a crime and neither are amazing skateboard graphics. This is what you will hear from every avid skateboarder in any city. Ever since the late 1980’s and early 90’s the industry has been plagued by older people in charge of governments seeing skateboarders as a nuisance.

However skateboardings is probably one of the hardest things to do especially when you factor in all the tricks and jumps you can take. Skateboarding is also one of the greatest ways for younger people to express their artistic feelings.

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Like any industry the brand of a skateboard is usually one of the top decisions a regular skateboarder will make when wanting to purchase the board. On the other hand though another big part plays the skateboard graphics on the bottom of the board.

These graphics can be anything from the Joker on the bottom of the Jim Thibeault board to a design of Skull and Bones on a Skull Skates deck. These designs are personal touched from the professional skater that has a contract with the skateboard company.

Think of the most famous skateboarder of all time and the Birdhouse. This may be one of the most famous skateboarding company’s of all time. Without a doubt Tony Hawk is the most famous skater that has ever lived. He is also probably the richest. As Tony Hawks net worth is estimated at $140 million USD he is surely not hurting.

The skateboard industry has survived when most said it wouldn’t. That can be thanked in part by some of the coolest skateboard graphic designs ever created.

6 Skateboard Graphics That Are Amazing

Birdhouse Skateboards Aviary Series Tony Hawk Skateboard Deck

Bam Margera Jack Ass Logo Skateboard Deck

RudeBoyz 28 Inch Wooden Skateboard Zombie Design

Santa Cruz Winkowski Dine With Me

Powell-Peralta Golden Dragon

Monopatin Flip Skateboard

Do you like these designs? Have you seen any better ones in your lifetime? Share some of your favourite decks of all time in the comments. Skateboarding is not a crime!

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