These 6 Northern Ontario Restaurants Are Making Us Hungry 

Northern Ontario has so many restaurants how will you choose which ones to pick? Depending where you live you may only know of the ones in your area. That is something that we are going to try and change. 

Should you be someone who likes to travel and enjoys the great Northern Ontario outdoors then you will want to read on. This is because we are going to list some great affordable restaurants from all over Northern Ontario

Should you know of a restaurant that isn’t one of the six Northern Ontario restaurants that we highlighted then let us know because we are always looking to explore what the great Northern Ontario restaurant industry has to offer! 

Sudbury – Leslie’s Charbroil & Grill

This place is a perfect stop in the summer where you can get a wicked meal and sit outside to devour it. The menu is large and they aren’t cheap with portions. If you are looking for some great hangover meals or a heart stopping takeout meal then this is the spot.

North Bay – Greco’s Pizza 

Are you looking for some tasty pizza while in North Bay? It will be extremely hard to find a better place than this. The rustic dining room will bring you back to a place in the 1980’s. If that doesn’t float your boat then grab something for takeout and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

Timmins – New Burger Planet Inc

This isn’t just a regular burger joint. Should you stop and eat here you will notice the mouth watering juice filled burgers that are superior enough to fill up the fattest of appetites. If burgers aren’t your thing you won’t have to worry either because some of the other items are just as delicious. 

Sault Ste Marie – The Breakfast Pig

This restaurant will fill your morning appetite  without a doubt. It doesn’t matter what you want to eat here because whatever you get will leave you stuffed like a fat thanksgiving turkey. 

Thunder Bay – Beefcake’s Burger Factory 

Are you a burger connoisseur? If so then it would come as no surprise that this place would be on your list. You can eat triple patty burgers until your heart explodes here.  Burgers ain’t all they have either. Once your finished of you still have room then stuff your face with some desert that will put you over the edge. 

New Liskeard – Gillies Truck Stop

This essential stop along highway 11 will make you wish you had an empty stomach. The food here is something you only see in movies. We aren’t going to lie, if you want steak and eggs for breakfast then this might be worth an all night haul just to say you have tried it. There poutines cheese is also made from the cheese maker just up the road. You will need to take a quick nap after eating here and continuing on your journey. 

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