These 5 Luxury Home Features Are What Every Buyer Wants In 2021

Welcome to 2021 and luxury real estate on a middle class income. A very high percentage of every new home purchase or renovation project this year will consist of doing something luxurious to the home they are renovating or buying.

When you are looking at spending the kind of money that it cost to purchase a home in your city, you probably want some sort of luxurious feature that sets your home apart from the rest.

On the flip side if you are selling your home this year, you want to make sure your house stands out against the competition.

The more you can do to make your house seem even more luxurious than the others, the more you will stand to make on the home.

Of course there are some exceptions to the rules but those are rare.

Now that you are ready to renovate or purchase a home, what are the luxury trends in your market? If you are working with a Realtor they will certainly point you in the right direction.

Not everyone is renovating to sell though. Sometimes people buy and renovate or even just want to renovate for themselves. If this is the case then have no fear, we can guide you through some luxury home features that everyone is going to want in 2021.

5 Luxury Home Features Everyone Wants In 2021

Big Luxurious Kitchen

Having a nice luxurious kitchen gives you the opportunity to boast while you are entertaining guests. If you live in a cooler climate such as Sudbury you will love the advantages of having your luxury kitchen for the winter months.

Huge Walk-In Closet

Every master bedroom should have a nice walk in closet. If you aren’t going to have a walk-in closet in your master bedroom then consider transforming one of your smaller bedrooms into one. One of your smaller bedrooms can be transformed into a luxurious walk-in closet that will even wow yourself while getting ready in the morning.

Full Theatre Room

When living in Northern Ontario there is no reason whatsoever not to transform even the smallest of living rooms into a home theatre room. There is nothing better than walking into a room to watch a movie and seeing its done the right way. That’s with a projector some nice seating arrangements and a monstrous spot on the wall dedicated for the flick of a lifetime.

Rustic Wine Cellar

Do you want to be the wine connoisseur on the block? Well if you do, then you better step up your game and put on your big boy pants.

Spa Master Ensuite

The luxurious master ensuite that doubles a spa. This is what sells homes to people or keeps people in the house they got. If you want to go big in this area you want his and her sinks, separate soaker tub and glass multi person shower. If you want to go even bigger in this department you can add a sauna or hot tub to the equation.

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