These 5 Greater Sudbury Arenas Are Probably The Nicest In The City 

If you have ever visited any of the arenas in Greater Sudbury you would know that they are almost all in need of a dire facelift. Some of the most used arenas in Greater Sudbury are beyond outdated. 

Fortunately though there are some that are still old, but not an absolute embarrassment. If you have travelled to any of the surrounding arenas South of Greater Sudbury you would probably know exactly what we are talking about. 

For instance you can check out some pretty nice arenas that have more to offer than any of our arenas combined. Some come with fitness centres and not just canteens, but restaurants as well. 

Unfortunately that’s just not the case here in Greater Sudbury. Even for our flagship arenas we still haven’t figured out how to modernize them and make them accessible year round. 

Nonetheless if you are wondering what Greater Sudbury has to offer when it comes to arena facilities we broke down a list of the top 5 nicest Greater Sudbury arenas. 

Gerry McCrory Countryside Arena – Located in the South End of Greater Sudbury, this is hands down the nicest arena that the city has to offer. This arena offers 2 ice pads, comfortable seating, larger dressing rooms, ample parking and is located close to a number of hotels and shopping outlets. 

Copper Cliff Arena – This should the pride of Copper Cliff when it comes to amenities. Seating in the arena is good but old and the dressing rooms are larger than average for Greater Sudbury. The arena is centrally located in Copper Cliff near a huge park, nice local restaurant, curling club and has plenty of parking.

Garson Arena – As for the City of Greater Sudbury this arena is one of the best. We ranked this third on our list because of the 3/4 wrap around seating in the stands, large hall and well maintained infrastructure. The arena also has small to medium sized dressing rooms.

Azilda Arena – This Greater Sudbury arena is a little gem tucked away in the heart of Azilda. You will notice that it is small but quaint. The arena provides ample but not an abundance of parking and has a number of places to eat in the area. The dressing rooms are on the small to medium size but have much more room than other Greater Sudbury arenas that aren’t in the list. 

Centennial Arena – This arena is located in Hanmer and has a baseball field in the same complex. The arena is certainly dated on the inside however it has a larger hall upstairs and plenty of parking for any sized event the capacity of the place could imagine. Unfortunately if you are driving from the city core it could take you at least 25 minutes without any traffic at all. There are also no hotels and very little amenities within a short walking distance.