These Oh-So-Different Baby Products Are An Absolute Must For Any Sudbury Parent

Essential baby items can be found at almost any major retailer. Need a soother? You hit up Walmart. Baby wipes? Costco would work. Where do you go, though, when you’re looking for a toddler-sized urinal in the shape of an frog?

Believe it or not, products like this actually exist for babies and toddlers, and they’re more available than you might think. Whether it’s parents that are looking to make a statement or a child that just won’t urinate in anything but an amphibian, there are a lot of out-there baby products on the ready to meet your needs. And so is Amazon.

Hop outside of the box and get comfortable in left field as Trending Sudbury takes you through a selection of some oh-so-different baby products that are available on Amazon at the moment.

These Oh-So-Different Baby Products Are An Absolute Must For Any Sudbury Parent

Product: Frog Potty Training Urinal for Toddler Boys 

Price: $22.99

They say boys are more difficult to potty train then girls. Not with this sucker. Seriously, what young man wouldn’t love to take aim at that frog? Just remind him not to hop along as he does it.

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Product: Little Toader Teething Toys, Baconease Appe-Teethers

Price: $8.04

Babies are amongst the most joyful creatures in existence. When they’re teething, not so much. As much as it hurts to hear the cries of a teething baby, the experience is even more painful to them. What’s an easy way to put the pain in check? Bacon, probably. Just remind yourself those, those rose-coloured cheeks won’t last forever but bacon always will be. Might as well start them early.

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Product: Baby Nose Cleaner

Price: $14.99

A stuffed-up nose is another common problem amongst those that are new to the world. Unblock those airways and uncranky your baby all at the same time with this weird item and then you can breathe easy, too.

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Product: Kick and Play Piano Gym

Price: $51.99

Why not strengthen the little ones legs and arms while turning him/her into Mozart at the same time? A gym is also great for improving their coordination and the music is always there for when you need another option to soothe the savage beast.

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Product: Baby Yoda Kids Plush Doll

Price: $32.99

Star Wars is one of the biggest movie franchises is the history of film. Now that you’re in the know, it’s safe to say that the franchise has a heck of a lot of baby and child products in every shape and form. Why not hop on the baby Yoda trend right now and light up your little one with this plush version.

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Product: Shark Sprinkler Pool

Price: $36.99

The summer time can get hot! That’s why it’s essential that you give your child some time in some cool water. This gem will ensure they have the time of their lives while basking in the water.

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Product: Hanging High Chair

Price: $56.94

This is definitely the one item on this list that may be a little odd but is incredibly useful. Clamp this hanging high chair to any picnic table or tailgate and your baby is ready to rock! The tailgate might not be recommended by the manufacturer.

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Product: Poop Journal

Price: $7.84

Keeping track of your child’s bowel movement will be a breeze with this Poop Journal. Was Friday runny or was that Wednesday? Now you’ll know.

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Product: Baby Bumco Gift Box

Price: $74.37

At first look this baby item looks fairly normal but, upon further inspection, you’ll find super weird gloves that actually reverse into a bag to contain any baby funk and the wipes that were used to clean it all up.

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Product: Turtle Bath Thermometer

Price: $31.99

Accurate water temperatures are a must for a child’s delicate skin. This turtle bath thermometer will ensure that bathtime is completely safe, all while looking like a turtle.

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