The Video Of The Sunwing Plane Party Looked Pretty Wild To Be Honest

Have you ever partied on a plane while going to a tropical destination? If you have then we can almost guarantee that it was pre-pandemic and probably a time before cell phones had video cameras on them.

The time to party on planes is in the past and the trade off was the cell phone with video recorders. In all seriousness though the party was grooving on the way to Mexico for these youngsters. To bad for them though the outcome has been nothing short of unfortunate.

Pictures of the party were released during the week but nothing could prepare us for the video of what was going on in the sky. There was boozing and vaping and what looked like an all out party.

To be quite honest it looked like a lot of fun. However, it may have crossed a line considering the sensitive climate that we are in nowadays.

What do you think of the wild party flight? Is all of the criticism of these Quebec Influencers justified? Let us know on our social media platforms!

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