The City Of Greater Sudbury Has Approximately 1500 More Employees Than City of Burlington

A recent article talked about how Greater Sudbury pays its non-unionized staff less than what other comparable cities pay theirs. This wasn’t actually that surprising, however we wanted to dig a little further into this so we looked at how many employees the cities had that were used as a comparison to the pay scale.

We really do think that we are going to be surprised with what we ended up finding.

In the article they quote Kevin Fowke in saying that, “Municipal comparators are chosen from a list of similar municipalities in terms of services provided, the types of roles you can find in those cities,”. So what are these cities that Greater Sudbury City Council used as comparators for salary costs?

Here is a list of cities that they used when comparing salaries, City of Barrie, City of Burlington, City of Cambridge, Municipality of Chatham-Kent, City of Guelph, City of Kingston, City of Kitchener, Town of Markham, Town of Oakville, Town of Richmond Hill, City of St. Catharine’s, City of Thunder Bay, City of Vaughan and the City of Windsor.

According to the City of Greater Sudbury website they are employing approximately 3000 employees. So if the salary costs are in line or below that of other cities, how many employees are these cities employing. Well lets take a look below.

City of Barrie – 675 employees – Population 153,356 (2017)

City of Burlington – Approximately 890 full-time and 600 part-time employees – Population 195,284

City of Cambridge – 646 employees – Population 129,920

Municipality of Chatham-Kent – LinkedIn says 1001-5000 employees – Population 105,529 (2017)

City of Guelph – 2000 employees – Population 131,794

City of Kingston – 1265 employees – Population 123,798

City of Kitchener – Approximately 2000 employees – Population 242,368 (2017)

Town of Markham – 1,000 full time staff across 20 business units. Depending on the season, between 1,300 and 1,800 part-time staff. – Population 351,163 (2020)

Town of Oakville – Over 1000 Employees – Population 217,718 (2020)

Town of Richmond Hill – LinkedIn says 501-1000 employees – Population 195,022 (2020)

City of St. Catharine’s – 613 Employees – Population 140,370 (2017)

City of Thunder Bay – Approximately 2800 employees – Population 126,861 (2020)

City of Vaughan – Approximately 1600 employees – Population 323,281 (2017)

City of Windsor – LinkedIn says 1001-5000 employees – Population 233,763 (2017)

As for the Greater City of Sudbury we have approximately 3000 employees at the city and our population was hovering around 162,000 in 2016. Maybe the problem in Greater Sudbury isn’t that employees make to much money for their work, maybe the problem is that there are too many employees when you compare Greater Sudbury to other similar cities?

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